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Meet Our Teachers

Eleanor Gummer is the founder and director of Whitby School of Music. Eleanor holds both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in performance as well as FTCL, LTCL, and ARCT diplomas. Eleanor is active as an examiner and adjudicator as well as the co-author of the Pianokids® series and author of Violinkids® and Guitarkids®. Many of her students have been winners in local competitions as well as at the Provincial level. A number of her former students have pursued careers in music and as teachers in the school system. Mrs Gummer teaches piano, violin and all levels of theory.


Sharon T has been a teacher at Whitby School of Music for over 10 years. Sharon holds both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in vocal performance/pedagogy. Her students have gone on to win at the Provincial level and many have pursued careers in the music field. One of her former students is now staring in a production on Broadway in New York. Sharon teaches voice, piano and guitar.

Michael Y has been at Whitby School of Music for over 5 years. Michael holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees in voice and can be found singing in the Canadian Opera Chorus. Michael has an extensive background in performance in many genres, from opera to singing back-up for Supertramp. Michael teaches voice and piano.

Mary C has been teaching piano in Whitby for over 30 years and is a patient and kind teacher. Mary is also a competitive curler and coach. She has been a commentator the Title Sport Live (Streaming network). After retiring from OPG, Mary has devoted herself to teaching piano.


Pamina N has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Bachelor of Education degree. Pamina was a flute major in University but has training in all Woodwind instruments as well as piano and guitar. Pamina has extensive experience in working with children and is actively involved with MusicFest Canada. Pamina teaches all Woodwind instruments, piano and guitar.

Raven P is an accomplished pianist and is active in the music program in her church. She enjoys working with children, specializing in teaching young children. Raven teaches piano.

Eric L is an enthusiastic teacher, working toward his Grade 10 piano.  Eric began his piano studies at Whitby School Of Music and is now delighted to be part of the teaching team.


Ally J holds an Associate diploma in Piano Performance and has won numerous prizes in competitions. Recently she won the first prize in the ORMTA Provincial Music Writing Competition with a 12-tone version of O Canada. Currently Ally is working toward her Licentiate diploma in piano and studying composition with a professor at Queen’s University. Her students love her enthusiasm for music.


Danielle P holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance and is actively involved in the music community in Durham region. Her students have been the recipients of many awards in local festivals. Danielle is a versatile musician, teaching voice, piano and guitar.


Jerry C is working toward his Associate diploma and is a vibrant teacher. He is actively involved in his school’s music program and is an enthusiastic and motivating teacher.


Aaron X holds an Associate diploma in Piano Performance and is working toward his Licentiate diploma. Aaron has been a winner in Provincial competitions. In addition to piano, Aaron is a competitive swimmer and a high achievement student in his school. 


Phil C holds an Associate diploma in Piano Performance and has been the recipient of many prizes in competitions. Phil is in an elite high school program in Toronto and is also a competitive swimmer.

Freddie J has an extensive background in guitar, holding diplomas Classical as well as Rock and Pop with Trinity College, England. He has taught at several schools around the world and played in a Hard rock band as well as a Progressive Rock band. Freddie teachers guitar. 

Yogesh T (Yogi) is a professional guitarist, having performed around the world. He is an enthusiastic and caring teacher, motivating his students in all genres including rock guitar, classical and pop.


David T. Is working toward his Associate diploma in Piano Performance. David is very involved in his school’s music program and is also a competitive swimmer.

Colton M. Is a percussion major in the University of Toronto Jazz Performance program. In addition to drums, Colton is a rugby player. Colton teaches drums, piano, clarinet and guitar at WSM.


Michael K is an accomplished violinist with an ARCT in violin and Grade 10 piano. Michael performs with the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra and teaches violin and piano at WSM.

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